Does the idea of getting in front of a camera make you nervous and sweaty?

You're not alone, my friend! I used to feel nervous in front of cameras, too!

From a young age, I knew that photography was one of the most accessible ways for me to share the way that I saw the world, as well as being able to communicate and tell a story. I enjoyed photography so much, that I decided to study it throughout my lifetime- from elementary school until I received a B.A. in Commercial Advertising Photography.

Studying photography was a dream come true! 

I revere learning, knowledge, and value education incredibly. The opportunity to expand my knowledge and professionally commit to my chosen career was a once in a lifetime experience I am proud of! There was one critical thing that I was not able to learn in school, however. No one was able to give or teach me something that I have naturally as a photographer: the ability to capture people. As a naturally observant person, with intuitive abilities, I am able to see past the exterior and reflect back to you the way that I see you!

My soul work in the world is to empower my clients, to show them their true essence and divinity. This is how I see the world, how I see every person I meet, and it is my absolute pleasure to share this!

Being able to be truly seen, heard, and captured is my unique specialty as an intuitive photographer. Interested in so much more than a transaction, I listen deeply, I tune in to the unspoken words and desires, and I work inspired, motivated, and driven by my heart to share your higher self that I clearly see, but you may not.

When you work with me- you are treated like a celebrity! I provide a comfortable, luxurious environment from car service to your favorite food and beverages. I curate my team, so you are surrounded by passionate professionals who love what they do, and delight in helping you shine! You know that feeling when you get your hair done, and you can't help but strut down the street? That! But times a million :) Hair, make-up, and wardrobe selected especially for you gives you the opportunity to spend your day as the STAR, with myself and my team working soulfully and intentionally to give you a transformative and unforgettable experience!

Not quite ready yet? 99.99% of people who come to me for a consultation or inquiry about a photoshoot are nervous in front of the camera, which has led me to create a new offer! My new offer is a rare opportunity to work professionally with me 1:1. I'm offering a VIP day that is perfect for you if you are preparing for a photoshoot, need a photoshoot in the next year, or are starting to record yourself on video for your business/social media. Being confident on camera doesn't come from dressing nicely and practicing- it's all about your energy, the outer reflecting the inner, and finding that comfortable space to share who you are with the world!

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