Do you want to effortlessly enroll clients into your retreats? 

We are more visual today than we have ever been! Telling the story of your location and what your clients will experience through photos is essential! 

My 15+ year background photographing travel, food, and events for advertising and editorial outlets uniquely qualify me to be your retreat photographer. 

My extensive photography experience combined with my intuitive abilities allow me to naturally understand how to capture the essence of a place, a person, and objects. As a world traveler myself, I'm an expert at creating a sense of place through photographs, To make someone feel like they are there in your beautiful location, having the experience of a lifetime that will make them wave their credit card at you ready to book without question! 

In addition to my experience as a photographer, I am classically trained! I studied Commercial/Advertising Photography in college and have a BA degree. I can masterfully provide coverage of your retreat, activities, and participants in a breathtaking way that will grab the attention of your clients instantly!

To learn more about my retreat photography packages- reach out!