Email me for questions and inquiries:


Booking Information:

- Photoshoots require 2-4 months to plan, so I love connecting with clients

through consultations now!

- My calendar link:


- Deposits can be taken to book for 2017-2018 photoshoots

- First available photoshoots are NYC September 2017, Tentatively Paris July-Sept 2017




- Los Angeles

- Paris, France TBA! 



The prices are in ranges due to unknown costs of location fees, permits,

and clothing. Clothing is rented and at times purchased. Client has the

option to keep clothing that is purchased. These evolve as the photoshoot

evolves and a clear outline of the creative direction forms. I communicate

every step of the way r.e. costs.


- Half day photoshoots- 4 hours



- Full Day photoshoots 8-9 hours with lunch break




Affiliate Earnings: (Unlimited!)

- $750 for half day photoshoot referrals

- $1500 for full day photoshoot referrals


Affiliate Payments:

- Made electronically immediately through Venmo or PayPal- subject to

Venmo or PayPal daily limits, account issues, and verified email addresses.