Do you need an updated photo?



A professional photo for that new article you just wrote?


Are you a speaker for a summit and don't have a current photo?


A new author and no photo in the past 5 years that looks like you?


Are you a small business owner, or entrepreneur who needs a fast update, and doesn't have the time or money to invest in a full day photoshoot?


The Power Hour is for you! 


Arrive camera ready and receive current, gorgeous, soulful photos that look like you and can proudly represent you today. 


The Power Hour is for you if you are:

- An entrepreneur

- A small business owner

- An author

- A creative

- A human :)


Packages start at $1555

  • 1 hour
  • 1 outfit
  • Arrive camera ready
  • Location provided!
  • Mira Zaki as producer, photographer, location scout and art director
  • All photographs delivered in low resolution via Dropbox in 2 weeks
  • Top 5 photos delivered in high resolution via Dropbox 1 week after selections are made
  • Booking for:
  • Portland, OR Feb 16-20
  • NYC April
  • Vermont May 6-10
  • Chicago May
  • Seattle August TBA
  • Chicago August 21
  • Boston September 5

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