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You may not be ready to think about all the details, but they are necessary! Book now, shoot later :) 

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I take care of all the details of your photoshoot! After we chat, you get to just show up on photoshoot day! 

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Everyone loves photos! This is especially true for small business owners, you need to give your clients and potential clients a lot of points of contact. Photos are the best way to do that! 

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Always hire a professional. The investment is worth it. Also an experienced professional photographer has knowledge of angles, lighting, composition and how to create a story through photographs.

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You are your brand- not what you do! Whether you change your business or not, it's all about you, your energy, and how you show up in the world. That's what I photograph. 

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We change SO MUCH in short amounts of time. We change even more in long amounts of time. You want CURRENT energy for your business, not old energy! 

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Photography will always be the most powerful way of visually communicating. Photographs tell a story without saying a word. What is your story?

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6 months can turn into 12 months. Have you ever really felt ready for anything in life? 
Book now, and schedule within the next 12 months! 

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You don't have to live in NYC to have a photoshoot with me. I travel globally except war zones. I travel to my clients every year! Don't let that stop you :) 

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I'm uniquely educated and qualified to bring you the best photoshoot experience of your life! 

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Start with what you want to communicate. Your photos do that, they inform the other parts of your brand. Start there! Build your foundation! 

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We are more visual than ever. We are not going to suddenly stop enjoying looking at photographs. Don't underestimate how important this is to your business!


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I plan your photoshoot thoughtfully, intentionally, and that takes time. A perfect amount of time for a brilliant result is 3-6 months in advance for a branding photoshoot! 

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Selfies are fun and should definitely be included in your brand from time to time- it should NOT be the main part of your visual presence.

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Pay once for a professional. Do it right. You'll thank yourself! 

C'mon now. Update your photos 1x a year. Beyonce does it all the time. And she's already arrived!

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I take care of all the planning and details. You show up and be the rockstar that you are!