Mira Zaki's Seattle roots! 


Socks and Sandals were ok in the 80's :) 


See! It snowed a LOT in Seattle! 

Mira Zaki is a Seattle born, Manhattan based, globally traveling, intuitive, magical photographer. Below are some photos of her:

-Behind her camera

-Traveling in Guatemala with a group of citizen journalists for a humanitarian photojournalism trip

-At her gallery show at the James Beard House

-Goofing around with friends

- Holding up her lifelong hero Eddie Vedder at a live recording of the Tonight Show in NYC

- Taking a selfie of purple hair for the first time

-Standing next to a hologram of Eric from True Blood,


- Participating in an OA Flashmob with her friends from Soul Camp! 

Mira's greatest desire is to have global impact with her work, and to improve the lives of her audience. She is on a mission to empower women through her transformative photoshoots, and is dedicated to not using photoshop in her work, but to naturally use her skillset and education from her B.A. in Commercial/Advertising Photography; a profession that she naturally discovered at age 8 with her first polaroid camera, and continues on today dedicated to the mastery of her craft. 

Mira's interests include:

Pearl Jam

the color purple



 the metaphysical





travel- especially culinary travel

cooking+ baking


spending quality time with people

Fun Facts:

Sun/Moon/rising: Cancer/Taurus/Virgo 

Numerology: Life Path 5 

Human Design: Manifester 

Meyers-Briggs: INFJ

Kolbe: Fact Finder and Quickstart 

Mira has worked with some cool clients and has been published in places you may have heard of:  

NY Times, CNN.com, CNNMoney.com, CNNI.com, Vanity Fair, Travel+Leisure, The James Beard Foundation, VH1-Save the Music, Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Taylor PR, Tesla, Well+Good, Veria Living, Dessert Professional, Olive magazine Korea, Bust Magazine, Pro Sound News.